Teaching Music with Zach Havens

Aug. 24, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. EDT

The Co-op has a variety of essential workshops formulated for the development of professional skills, digital and creative innovation and ongoing membership while fostering the essence of sustainability. With a reach of a hundred Ontario artists and counting, The Co-op offers 150 workshops that allow artists to expand their knowledge surrounding the music industry and supports the shift to a digital-focused environment. During the workshop "Teaching Music" led by Zach Havens, questions and discussion will be held to present a deeper look at the professional music industry.

Zach is an entrepreneur and musician from London, Ontario. Having achieved top marks in the province for piano and completing his ARCT in piano at age 16, he has taught hundreds of students over the years. Five years ago, Zach launched a tech business that specializes in connecting music teachers and music students from around the world called Miistro. He has recently pivoted and now operates a different business with his wife, but he continues to be passionate about music education in his community.