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The music industry includes a range of professions, styles, and branches that can be difficult to navigate alone. Within this category, the Canadian Musicians Co-operative offers videos related to understanding the different parts of the music industry, such as applying for grants, publishing, touring, and everything in between. “Understanding the Music Industry” leaves no stone unturned.

“Advanced Music Industry” offers a deeper understanding of specific topics, such as international touring, top-lining, sync licensing, and more. These workshops are a deep dive into more advanced subjects within the music industry, and as a result, will require more specific presentations to deepen your knowledge of the industry and your craft.

Creating your own music is a complex process, and it can include many steps and moving parts. This workshop category, “Mastering Your Craft”, is here to help you along your journey. There are many ways this category can help you master your artistic side and push you toward creating the kind of music you desire. Among them are songwriting, performing, and reading charts. Aside from these topics, we also cover best practices, editing work, instrument tips, and more.

For artists who seek a further understanding of the music industry and its business aspects, “Entrepreneurship Skills” is the category that will do so. Registering as a business, understanding taxes, and learning how to book shows are just a few of the ways “Entrepreneurship Skills” will help you get from start to finish as you design yourself in terms of business and marketing.

“Essential Skills” covers all the basic essentials you need to survive and thrive in the music industry. Topics in this category include brand building, brand management, and confidentiality, which will prepare you for whatever path you choose in the industry while ensuring all your bases are covered.

One of the most exciting and important parts of the music industry is participating in events and festivals. Therefore, "Festival Preparation" teaches you everything you need to know about planning your own festival, interacting with festival organizers, and communicating with them. These workshops will also provide more information on behind-the-scenes audio, stage plots, and more.