Screen Composing w/ Charlie Finlay

Aug. 12, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. EDT

Screen Composing: Charlie Finlay

The Co-op has a variety of essential workshops formulated for the development of professional skills, digital and creative innovation and ongoing membership while fostering the essence of sustainability. With a reach of a hundred Ontario artists and counting, The Co-op offers 150 workshops that allow artists to expand their knowledge surrounding the music industry and supports the shift to a digital-focused environment. During the "Screen Composing" training, professor Charlie Finlay will share his collected experiences and expertise in this field.

More about Charlie Finlay:

I have worked behind the scenes in film and TV for the last 20 years as a composer, music editor, composer assistant, on set music coach, orchestrator, musician, recording engineer, and for music supervision companies.

I am Coordinator at Sheridan College's Music Scoring for Screen & Stage and was Chair of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada Seminars Committee as well as board member for the past few years.