Organic Growth w/ Adam Bentley

Aug. 11, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. EDT

Organic Growth: Adam Bentley

The Co-op has a variety of essential workshops formulated for the development of professional skills, digital and creative innovation and ongoing membership while fostering the essence of sustainability. With a reach of a hundred Ontario artists and counting, The Co-op offers 150 workshops that allow artists to expand their knowledge surrounding the music industry and supports the shift to a digital-focused environment. During the "Organic Growth" training Adam Bentley will share his gained knowledge and experience throughout this process.

More about Adam Bentley:

Founded in 2009, Auteur Research is a modern, music marketing company founded by Adam Bentley. Auteur Research works in a post-geographical internet press and PR world. Their services include song/video/album placement, blog & online press, user-generated playlisting, digital marketing, rollout consultation, label services, and project management. Each campaign is tailor-made to fit the needs of the project. Think of them as the utility knife for the ever-evolving pattern that is modern music marketing. Their clients include Arkells, The Dirty Nil, Silverstein, bülow, Devon Welsh, Yves Jarvis, Sony, Universal, Warner, Wax Records, Hidden Pony, Dine Alone, and many others.