General FAQ

Q: What is the Canadian Musicians Co-Operative? +
A: The Canadian Musicians Co-operative is a collaborative, not-for-profit organization that assists independent artists and arts professionals in overcoming barriers, building stronger networks, and providing the resources necessary to promote themselves and their work.
Q: What benefits do members receive? +
A: Our members enjoy access to exclusive networking events, promotional opportunities, workshops, and many other resources tailored to musicians and non-musicians. For more information: "link"
Q: Are there any membership fees? +
A: Yes. To help sustain the Co-op and its activities, we offer two membership tiers that cost different annual fees. The fee amounts are detailed on our membership page here: link.
Q: What genres of music are accepted at the Co-op? +
A: We welcome musicians from a range of genres, including jazz, classical, folk, electronic, and many more.
Q: What if I delve into a different genre other than the ones listed? +
A: That’s okay! The Co-op encourages any and all artists to join, regardless of genre. If you’re passionate about your music and are seeking assistance on the next steps, we welcome you!
Q: How can I showcase my music through the Co-operative? +
A: Members can submit their music for consideration to be featured on our platform, playlists, and events. Check our submission guidelines for more details.
Q: Can I collaborate with other musicians through the Co-operative? +
A: Absolutely! Our Co-operative fosters collaboration among members. You can connect with other musicians through networking events, workshops, and various programs offered at the Co-op.
Q: Are there opportunities to perform at Co-op events? +
A: Yes, we organize events where our members can showcase their talents. Keep an eye on our events calendar for performance opportunities.
Q: How can I support the Co-operative's mission? +
A: We offer a variety of ways to support our mission, such as becoming a member, attending events and community-engaged performances, spreading the word on social media, and even becoming a sponsor.
Q: Is there a way to donate to support Canadian musicians? +
A: Yes, we have a donation program that goes directly to supporting musicians and our Co-operative's initiatives. You can find more information on our donation page.
Q: How can I stay updated on Co-operative news and events? +
A: Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media to receive regular updates on upcoming events, workshops, opportunities, and more.
Q: In what regions of Canada does the Co-operative operate? +
A: We operate primarily in Barrie and Georgina, but we aim to connect artists from all over the country.