Booking Professional Gigs with Jim Cressman

Sep. 27, 2021 at 10:14 a.m. EDT

Booking Professional Gigs: Jim Cressman

The Co-op has a variety of essential workshops formulated for the development of professional skills, digital and creative innovation and ongoing membership while fostering the essence of sustainability. With a reach of a hundred Ontario artists and counting, The Co-op offers 150 workshops that allow artists to expand their knowledge surrounding the music industry and supports the shift to a digital-focused environment. During the "Booking Professional Gigs" training, industry expert Jim Cressman will share his gained knowledge and experiences.

More about Jim Cressman:

Jim Cressman is a 20 year veteran of the music industry. A recipient of the International Talent Buyer of the year by IEBA, CMW Management Company of the Year, and 19 CCMAs. Jim’s mission and purpose is to facilitate artists in monetizing and leveraging their value. He is the co-founder of Invictus Entertainment Group, a firm that has consistently booked, promoted or produced 700 events per year and continues to be one of the most respected brands in Canada.